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Say goodbye to expensive shipping costs and hello to SMART and SUSTAINABLE shipping with Backloading.

Our innovative backloading service matches your goods with a truck that’s already heading in the same direction to your destination, reducing transportation costs and environmental impact.

How it Works?

Gumawa ng account gamit ang aming mobile app para makapagbook ng aming serbisyo.

Sundan lamang ang proseso sa pagbobook gamit ang aming mobile app.

Mag-antay lamang ng ilang sandali at mayroon ng tatanggap na driver para ideliver ang iyong package.

Backload Trucking Rates

Rates to from Metro Manila & Nearby Cities
(Metro Manila, Cavite, Rizal, Batangas, Quezon, Bulacan, Pampanga, and Bataan)

L300Closed Van
10-14 ft
Closed Van
15-22 ft
Wing Van
32 ft
Rates₱ 800.00 (1st 5 KM)
+ ₱40.00 per exceeding KM
₱ 1,500.00 (1st 5 KM)
+ ₱ 55.00 per exceeding KM
₱ 2,500.00 (1st 5 KM)
+ ₱ 60.00 per exceeding KM
₱ 7,000.00 (1st 5 KM)
+ ₱ 80.00 per exceeding KM
Weight Capacity LimitUp to 1 tonUp to 4 tonUp to 10 tonUp to 22 ton
Size Limit7 x 4 x 4 ft6 X 6 ft6 x 7 ft7 x 8 ft
RemarksSuitable for small to medium-sized parcels or packages, such as boxes, crates, bags, and other items that can fit within its cargo dimensions. It can also be used for transporting lightweight and compact furniture, appliances, and equipment.Suitable for transporting larger and bulkier items, such as furniture, appliances, electronics, construction materials, and other heavy equipment. It can also be used for transporting goods that require protection from weather conditions, such as perishable goods or fragile items.Provides a significantly larger cargo space compared to both L300 FB van and a closed van with a length of 10-14 feet, making it suitable for transporting even larger and bulkier items.Commonly used for transporting large and bulky items such as furniture, appliances, and other household items. Its versatile cargo space makes it suitable for transporting items of different shapes and sizes, which is especially useful for logistics and delivery companies that handle a wide range of goods.